Dictum's Oxford and Cambridge Reformation Walking Tour is co-published with Day One, and is available from Amazon, or through any bookstore. The walk in each city takes around 90 minutes, but allow longer to go into buildings, or to take advantage of the 'Glancing Around' panels.

OXFORD by a Very Oxford Cat is available from Amazon or from Blackwell's. (free UK shipping , so you avoid Amazon's hefty rate.) It has been described as 'Fabulously original', and 'Laugh-out-loud funny'. Its humour has been called 'donish' and 'dry sixth form'.  Judge for yourself.

Charles Simeon of Cambridge: Silhouettes and Skeletons is published in the US by Wipf and Stock. This unique treatment traces Simeon's influence down to the present day. It includes thumbnails of all the silhouettes, each one named.

If you're planning a trip to Oxford or Cambridge for the first time, visit oxbridgesights.com for suggestions of things to do and see.