'Clarity and brevity are two great gifts to the world'

Dictum's short books do not waste words, or waste the reader's time. They bring biblical thinking which is refreshing, clear, and well-applied. Our values are summed up as 'Biblical. Pastoral. Incisive.'

To serve the UK church and mission agencies, we are publishing a handful of titles, all modern classics. 

Further, the Oxford and Cambridge Reformation Walking Tour may also be ordered in multiple copies. (For individual purchase, go to Blackwells or Heffers, online or in-store, or to the Cambridge Tourist Office.)

In short, the portal is largely designed for non-trade purchase of 5 or more copies, outside North America. Review copies are available on request at no charge. The site also features a few titles by Julia Cameron, founder of Dictum.

Like a comp copy? Want to know the cost for a bulk order?

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