IFES - International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. A global movement founded in 1947 to establish a witness to Christ on university campuses. There are now national affiliates of IFES in over 150 nations.

OMF International - originally founded by James Hudson Taylor in 1865 as the China Inland Mission. Now active in most countries on the Asia Pacific Rim.

The Lausanne Movement was founded by Billy Graham in 1974. John Stott was chief architect of its influential Lausanne Covenant, which shaped evangelicalism for the rest of the 20th century. 

The Third Lausanne Congress was held in Cape Town in 2010. Issuing from that gathering came the Cape Town Commitment, of which Christopher J H Wright was chief architect. This incorporates the Cape Town Confession of Faith.

RSA - Royal Society of Arts. 

Oxford DNB -The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is compiled and published by Oxford University Press. Its earliest beginnings were in 1885. Now under the Editorship of Sir David Cannadine.

EFAC Global

EFAC Global was founded in 1961 by John Stott as the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion. It was necessary in its day, and the need for it has become even more critical in recent years. 

Through national chapters in the West and the Global South, EFAC serves to encourage and develop biblical literacy, vital to healthy doctrine and practice, and effective mission, within the nation and cross-culturally, to build ‘Bible People. Gospel People. Church People.’ EFAC works to equip leaders to stand firm, to engage thoughtfully with secular trends, and to articulate a persuasive biblical response. Its affiliated group in the UK is the Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC).

EFAC’s Theology Resource Network (TRN) draws senior theologians from all continents. As John Stott was always keen to remind EFAC’s early members, Christ gave gifts to his church to share. Through the TRN’s international membership, insights from many contexts are shared around the table, and then shared more widely through gatherings and in print.

Christ prayed in Gethsemane for the future church to be unified; to be ‘at one’ with its Apostolic roots (John 17:20ff). EFAC, under the leadership of an International Council and General Secretary, and through its Theology Resource Network, national chapters and small staff team, seeks to further true unity in the gospel.

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