Glancing Around Sections

The Glancing Around sections of the Reformation Walking Tour in Oxford and Cambridge include references to a range of people and buildings which will be of interest to those who love Christian history. These span seven hundred years - from Merton College, Oxford, where John Wycliffe was an undergraduate, to the 20th century Tyndale House, Cambridge.

Julia has contributed entries in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography for three of those whose names are mentioned.

The page numbers in the Walking Tour are as indicated. 

A T de B (Tony) Wilmot (1915-1996) St Edmund Hall, Oxford, p17

H F R (Fred) Catherwood (1925-2014) Clare College, Cambridge, p37

John R W Stott (1921-2011) Trinity College, Cambridge, p37. Also pp 39, 45

[NB: the Oxford DNB carries entries for each of the leading Reformation figures, and for Charles Simeon.]