Authorized biography

John Stott was known around the world  as 'Uncle John'. Revised and updated biography for children to be published in early 2021, to mark the centenary of John Stott's birth.

Children will learn how John Stott was a chaplain to the Queen, and how he made himself homeless (for a short time) while a curate. They will also learn of his work in universities worldwide, his contribution to the Lausanne Movement, and his friendship with Billy Graham. Uncle John lived for 40 years in a small two-room flat in London, where his bedroom was also a corridor. The desk in this room was used by his Study Assistant. It had been rescued from a skip!  

Here is a book about one of the 100 most-influential people in the world (TIME magazine).. It is full of stories and surprises.

Includes Fact Files, and true stories which do not appear anywhere else. 

Samuel Morse (of the Morse code) shared Uncle John's  birthday, and had lived very close by. Sherlock Holmes also makes a fleeting appearance.

To be published in the UK by Dictum.

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