OXFORD By a Very Oxford Cat

Simeon-the-cat is the travel guide and the author. His main ambition in life is to become famous. He has also set his heart on meeting the White Rabbit. While pursuing these goals in travelling around the city, he takes time to air his views on Mr Bean, the Internet, and on how the British do not value words, amid a host of other things. Over-confident of his ability to reason, he enjoys talking with academics and students. He creates havoc in Blackwells, finds a previously-undiscovered poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins, and lays plans to take the grin off the face of the Cheshire Cat.

Does he really meet the White Rabbit? It seems he does! This is a travel guide to Oxford in a genre all its own.

Available from Blackwell's and Amazon.

ISBN: 978-1-9996621-9-6

What people say

‘Simeon delights us, educates us and informs us. This is unique and enlightening.’ Prof David Cranston, Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Oxford

‘Clever and wily. He should plan a trip to the other place.’ Prof Charles Elliott, Former Dean of Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge

'That darn cat is simply hilarious'  Jane Marshall, General Manager, City Sightseeing Oxford