All you need to know about the Reformation and didn't like to ask!


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This new publication takes readers on a self-guided walking tour of all the main Reformation sites in Oxford and in Cambridge. It includes an Introduction and a Timeline which spans 200 years, from John Wycliffe. 

If you wish you knew more about the English Reformation, this guide is for you. It begins with a section called 'Start here' which leads you through the history in a digestible way.  A Timeline sets the Oxford and Cambridge events in context. 


Easy to read and just the right size to carry on your walk. The information is fascinating, well-presented and supplemented by lovely photographs. Whether your interest is in history, or tourism, or city life, or something else, this book will appeal. I have bought two more copies to give to friends.

C F French

The writing is lively and clear, and further information is available for those who want it in the 'Glancing around' sections. It is a great read in itself, but also makes for a brilliant walking tour, which one can take in one's own time and at one's own pace. Thank you!


Such a fantastic little book! It gives a real point and purpose to vacationers and tourists walking around these amazing cities (the only way to really see them!) and yet with all its historical research, it is enlightening even to locals. I learned so much about my city through this book! Well laid-out and I couldn't recommend it more!


Lively, interesting and fun, the writer is well informed and this neat little book is packed with delightful detail and knowledge. It is beautifully presented with superb photographs, facts flow effortlessly as the paths twist and turn round two fascinating cities. Marvellous value for such an experience.

Amazon customer

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The guide for each university town will take you to all the main sites with a brief explanation of their  significance.

Are there lessons for now from the Reformation? The author ventures seven (see p46).

Easy-to-follow maps.  Lessons from the Reformation. Appendix on Charles Simeon. Recommended Reading. 48pp. 

Available online from Blackwells and Amazon.  Published by Dictum.

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See FAQs for more. Also see Reformation Worship, Luther's Writings and Unity and the Reformation.  




The Reformation: What you need to know and Why by John Stott and Michael Reeves.


This unusual book (110pp) has been called 'The Reformation in your pocket'.  

It is in two parts. The first part, by Mike Reeves, brings a fast-paced narrative of what happened in the sixteenth century across Europe. This is followed by a reflection from John Stott on the part Christians must play now, in our own times.

Then comes  an Appendix which could bring a surprise - on what kind of unity Jesus was praying for in John 17, one of the most vital, and yet misunderstood passages in the New Testament. (See page on 'Unity'.) What did Jesus mean by the Church being 'one'?

Published in the UK by Monarch and in the US by Hendrickson. Available from internet booksellers globally. 


This is an ideal short introduction to the story and significance of the Reformation. It asks key questions such as ‘what was at the heart of the Reformation’ and ‘is the Reformation still significant’? It includes Martin Luther’s 95 Theses and concludes with helpful pointers for study and reflection.


Excellent book on a very complex topic covering - start to finish - hundreds of years!

Polly poodle

This publication is well-illustrated. It packs an enormous amount of information into a small compass. It is clear and easy to understand. It is a superb introduction to the Reformation, but I think most readers will want to read a more detailed book after reading this one.

Jim Mac

This is a wonderful little book to give you a short over view of the Reformation. The first part focuses on the key events and people that set about the birth of this major step in Church history and altered shape of the world today. The second part is the theology of The Reformers ending with Martin Luther’s 95 Theses that were nailed to the door.

This book gives you a concise overview but does not intend to give you the full account and there are plenty of books that do, it Is however a very easy read that flows and will not bamboozle you. I do recommend this to anyone who wants to know the key points and not trying to pass a degree in the subject.

I have been given a free copy of this book from NetGalley in return for a honest review.

Dave – A Kindle customer

Companion title for Oxford and Cambridge Reformation Walking Tour.


The Martyrs of Mary Tudor by Andrew Atherstone

This short book (128pp) sets the Oxford events in their national context. it gives an overview of political and religious life, with illustrations, fact boxes, maps, and pithy text. It also shows where the martyrs died, for readers to see all the sites at a glance.

Published by Day One in its Travel With series. Available from internet sellers or bookstores globally.

These two companion titles bring together what happened and why in an accessible way. 



Charles Simeon: Silhouettes and Skeletons

Charles Simeon (1759-1836) is the man behind Cambridge's 'second wave of Reformation'. Here his story is traced down to the present day.

The UK edition includes a concertina of the famous silhouettes cut by Edouart Augustin. 

Simeon was John Stott's mentor as a preacher, and Stott asked for the same wording on his headstone as was on Simeon's memorial plaque.

Includes walking tour map. 


Charles Simeon was the most influential evangelical in the Church of England during the age of Wilberforce - a powerful influence over successive generation of Cambridge ordinands. Here is an attractive vignette of a great preacher and a great man.

David Bebbington Professor of History, University of Stirling.

As an undergraduate at King's, I was thankful for the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the College and the University. The work carried on so faithfully by Charles Simeon, a fellow of King's and vicar of Holy Trinity, continues today. 

Jeremy Lefroy MP for Stafford constituency.

Charles Simeon's commitment to expository preaching, personal godliness, and global mission is inspiring. I pray it will continue to influence evangelical ministry for generations to come.

Vaughan Roberts Rector, St Ebbe's Church, Oxford.

Distributed by Dictum in the UK. (Bulk purchase from 10ofthose.com.) A US edition will be published in April 2019 by Wipf and Stock.





 St Edmund of Abingdon: The Servant Heart

 Stop 3 on the Oxford Reformation walk is St Edmund Hall.  'Teddy Hall' played a unique role in Reformation history. It bridged the gap between Wycliffe and the 16th century. 

Will Donaldson, Chaplain of Teddy Hall,  brings a concise treatment of Edmund’s life and character. His  is 'the story behind the story' of the Hall's Christian foundation, and its succession of godly principals. 

Questions for Reflection. 

Grove spirituality series. 28pp.

Available from Amazon UK, or directly from Grove Publishing.