Frances Whitehead at her Lambeth MA graduation in 2001

Frances Whitehead

A revised and updated edition of John Stott's Right Hand will be launched late 2019. Use the contact form to hear as it appears.



JOHN STOTT: Pastor, leader and friend (Published early 2020)

One of the foremost church leaders of the 20th century. 

Contributors include Chris Wright, Frances Whitehead, Ajith Fernando and Samuel Escobar. 


THE LEADERSHIP FILES: Drawn from around the world, across a century (Published early 2020)

Distilled advice for leaders, drawn from over a century. Could be used for study and discussion.  Will appeal to student leaders and older leaders alike, regardless of context or culture.

Contributors include D E Hoste, Ajith Fernando, Fred Catherwood, Vaughan Roberts. 

D E Hoste's name is no longer widely-known. Sinclair Ferguson tells us why we should remember him in his Foreword to that section of the book.

Bible Reading Plan


More Precious than Gold (Now available)


This is the most widely-used reading plan in the world. Published October 2019

It takes its users through the New Testament and Psalms twice, and the rest of the Bible once, each year. If that is too much to read, it can be used over a two-year cycle by reading two passages each day instead of fou

What people say

The late Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones introduced me to the McCheyne calendar in the 1950s, and I have used it ever since. To me its great value is that it begins with the four 'great beginnings' in Scripture - Genesis (the beginning of the universe), Ezra (the rebirth of the nation after Babylonian captivity), Matthew (the birth of Christ) and Acts (the birth of the body of Christ). Nothing  has helped me more than this to grasp the grand themes of the Bible.

John Stott (1921-2011) One of the foremost church leaders of the 20th Century.

I find that some sections of Scripture which seem to the least-exciting are the ones which speak to areas of greatest need in my spiritual life. So I need to make sure I regularly read the whole Bible. In this way, 'the whole counsel of God' is able to challenge my mind, which is so prone to straying from God's way of thinking.

Ajith Fernando, Teaching Director, Sri Lanka Youth for Christ

Why not use this with  few friends? You can talk about what you've read and keep one another going. I try to understand what I'm reading much more if I know I'm going to ave a conversation about it later.

Elaine Duncan, Chief Executive, Scottish Bible Society

For those whose lifestyle is organized, this system is a great asset, while for those whose lifestyle is more chaotic, it pulls us back into line. Reading the Bible is a tough discipline, and we all fail at times, but do press on and don't be defeated.

Phillip Jensen  Former Dean of Sydney

The world is constantly clamouring for our minds, and this is why I warmly encourage you to make use of the McCheyne Bible Reading Plan. It anchors hearts in the Word of God.

Joni Eareckson Tada President, Joni and Friends

McCheyne's Bible Reading Plan has been the mainstay of my private devotions for over 30 years. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I read one chapter four times a day. As a result of this limited investment of time, I read the whole Bible through every year. This has provided milk, meat, honey and dynamite for my soul, and for the whole basis of my ministry. Use it and see!

David Robertson  Former Minister, St Peter's Free Church, Dundee  (St Peter's is where McCheyne was the Minister. It was for this church congregation that McCheyne first devised the reading plan.)