To introduce children to 'Uncle John'

Biography of John Stott for children

JOHN STOTT: The humble leader

John Stott was known around the world  as 'Uncle John'.

RRP £5.99  160pp

Through reading this, children will learn how John Stott became homeless while a curate, and how he lived for 40 years in a tiny flat in London where his bedroom was also a corridor.

The book includes Fact Files, and true stories which do not appear anywhere else. One of those stories records what happened when an atheist student in Wits University took the microphone, and spoke to him 'as if he were an ignoramus'. The hall was electrified. 

Samuel Morse (of the Morse code) shared Uncle John's  birthday, and had lived very close by. Sherlock Holmes also makes a fleeting appearances.

Published globally by Christian Focus in its Trailblazer series.

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