Charles Simeon of Cambridge


Charles Simeon of Cambridge: Silhouettes and Skeletons

2019 edition published by Wipf and Stock

Charles Simeon (1759-1836) was one of the foremost evangelical leaders of the Anglican church. While based in Holy Trinity, Cambridge all his life, his influence stretched across the world. 

Henry Martyn, whom he loved as a son, was his curate. Henry Martyn's influence through his Bible translation into Urdu, Persian, Judeao-Persian and Arabic was wide-reaching. 

John Stott said Charles Simeon was his mentor, through his writing, and that it was Simeon who taught him how to preach. He asked for words from Simeon's memorial plaque in Holy Trinity Church to be written on his own headstone (in Dale churchyard in Pembrokeshire, near his writing retreat, The Hookses).

This short book looks at Simeon's life, and tracks his legacy down to the present day. The Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union (CICCU) which formed the root of mission endeavour in many parts of the world, traces its beginnings to Simeon. He purchased advowsons (the right to appoint clergy) in many parishes, and Simeon's Trustees (now merged with Hyndman's Trust) continue to make these appointments.

The silhouette artist Edouart Augustin cut Simeon's silhouettes as he preached. This book features each of the silhouettes. The UK edition (available now from includes a concertina pull-out of the silhouettes, which may be framed.


Charles Simeon was the most influential evangelical in the Church of England during the age of Wilberforce - a powerful influence over successive generation of Cambridge ordinands. Here is an attractive vignette of a great preacher and a great man.

David Bebbington Professor of History, University of Stirling.

As an undergraduate at King's, I was thankful for the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the College and the University. The work carried on so faithfully by Charles Simeon, a fellow of King's and vicar of Holy Trinity, continues today. 

Jeremy Lefroy MP for Stafford constituency.

Charles Simeon's commitment to expository preaching, personal godliness, and global mission is inspiring. I pray it will continue to influence evangelical ministry for generations to come.

Vaughan Roberts Rector, St Ebbe's Church, Oxford.


Simeon's famous silhouettes

Simeon's famous silhouettes


Simeon's famous silhouettes

Simeon's famous silhouettes

Simeon's famous silhouettes

The UK version includes a concertina of the famous silhouettes by Edouart Augustin. Several silhouettes were given names but others weren't. No one knows when the names were added or whether the artist himself named them when he cut them. The Editor has offered names for the ones for which no name was given. 

A4 posters for framing

Simeon's famous silhouettes

A4 posters for framing


The UK edition includes an order form for A4 posters for framing. Each of the poses is available. 

Anyone outside the UK wishing to order posters may use the contact form.