John Stott's Right Hand: The untold story of Frances Whitehead

A story that John Stott himself hoped would be told. 

This authorized biography gives unique insights into how John Stott was able to achieve so much. Frances Whitehead worked with him for 55 years. In the words of Mark Labberton, President of Fuller Seminary, each was 'fast, exacting, and determined'.  Their relationship was described by one of Stott's study assistants as 'a marriage without the marriage'. According to Roy McLoughry, theirs was  'one of the greatest partnerships of the 20th century'.

Learn how they met, and what made Frances such a tigerish gatekeeper. Her family story is  very colourful. This is no ordinary Christian biography. 

Published in the UK by Piquant and in the US by Wipf and Stock. 

Available from internet booksellers globally.

Also see biography of 'Uncle John' for children, below. Authorized, and including material not published elsewhere.


John Stott: The Humble Leader

To introduce children to 'Uncle John', as he was known around the world. 

Through reading this, children will learn how John Stott became homeless while a curate, and how he lived for 40 years in a tiny flat in London where his bedroom was also a corridor.

The book includes Fact Files, and true stories which do not appear anywhere else. One of those stories records what happened when an atheist student in Wits University took the microphone, and spoke to him 'as if he were an ignoramus'. The hall was electrified. 

Samuel Morse (of the Morse code) shared Uncle John's  birthday, and had lived very close by. Sherlock Holmes also makes a fleeting appearances.

Published globally by Christian Focus in its Trailblazer series.


Building for the Gospel: A handbook for the visionary and the terrified

Third edition. Completely revised. This book is for any church exploring a building project. Principles are illustrated by stories, and it is full of practical advice.  

Members will be asking good and genuine questions like 'Why spend money on buildings when the church is people?' 'Shouldn't we give the money to mission instead?' The book seeks to engage with these questions. Any building projects requires sacrificial giving. The author sets out to help church members respond in a thoughtful way. 

The only book of its kind, to our knowledge.

Published in the UK by Church Society / Lost Coin.

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Three titles, edited or written by Julia Cameron, are in the pipeline for 2019. These are:

The Leadership Files: An international  'best-of-the-best' on Christian leadership. Contributors include: D E Hoste, Ajith Fernando, Fred Catherwood, Willy Kotiuga, Vaughan Roberts.

John Stott: Pastor, Leader and Friend: A tribute to one of the foremost church leaders of the 20th century. Contributors include Chris Wright, Ajith Fernando, Femi Adeleye, Samuel Escobar.

In a different vein - 

A very Oxford Cat and his Big Adventure: 'A travel guide to Oxford in a genre all its own'. This is a diversion from Julia's usual writing.


Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB)

Entries by Julia Cameron for the following people, whose names appear in the 'Glancing Around' sections of the Reformation Walking Tour (pages as indicated):

A T de B (Tony) Wilmot (1915-1996) St Edmund Hall, Oxford, p17

H F R (Fred) Catherwood (1925-2014) Clare College, Cambridge, p37

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[NB: the ODNB carries entries for each of the leading Reformation figures, and for Charles Simeon.]